Sunday, December 12, 2004

Still alive

Well it's been five days since my last post. I kinda wondered if I had given up on blogging after a record 4 or 5 posts. The truth of the matter is that 24 season 3 has taken up most of my time ... that and the fact that my 160gb hard drive crashed on me. I wa pretty pissed about that. The good news was that I had a backup of a lot of the data - the bad news was that it was a couple of months old. All in all I got about %90 of the stuff back.

Like I said, that and 24. Raize and I are on the last disc now. We got it Tuesday and we watched the first 20 episodes .... things are interesting. I still find that it isn't as rivetting as the first 2 seasons, but it is still damn good. Now however, with 4 hours left, Raizee has developed pink eye (actually its in both of her eyes, so would that be pink eyes?) so 'we' can't watch it. I am debating on wether I should slap it into my laptop after while she is watching TV. Of course if she found out, she would be pretty pissed .... if she found out ..... MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA


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