Sunday, December 05, 2004

Post 3 - still going

I think this might be the most that I have posted to any single web page ... Wow - it must be because I don't have any maintenance to perform on the server.

So I am finished my SQL Server class down at Ryerson. It got to be pretty gruelling at times. I mean I work all week (usually 9 hour work days) and then I have class all day Saturday and that leaves Sunday to rest. But of course we still have to do groceries, laundry, etc ... I did enjoy the class, but it did get rough.

What else is new ... not a whole lot. We watched a few minutes of the World Poker Tour this afternoon. Interesting stuff. I am the worse poker player that I know of. I am always the first out and I have to just sit there and watch every one else play. Its still fun though. Hopefully I will be able to brush up on it soon.

And Cuba is coming up. December 20 or 21st is the date set to go. I can't wait. I wasn't excited at first, but since I have seen some of these resorts, and the thought of being thousands of miles away from work is nice.

Well maybe someday someone will actually read this blog - and if not - hey its good to write a bit everyonce in awhile.


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