Monday, December 13, 2004

As the world turns

Well not much is really new. I stood in line at the 2 different post offices today for a total of 3 times before giving up on it. Damn lineups ...

Anyways, I am in a bit of a funk at the moment. I have just gotten into reading a bunch of stuff about Dimebag Darrell's murder. I admit that I am by no means a fan - I don't own a single Damage Plan or Pantera CD, but I did respect him as a musician. He was good. Its that simple. And the fact that people get shot when they go up on stage to perform is just completely unacceptable. The whole thing leaves me at a loss for words.

I do give credit to the cop who did shoot the gunman. Apparently he has never shot a suspect before, so I am sure that he is going through his own personal thing at the moment. Hopefully he will get through it. Its gotta be tough...

Well I just wanted to vent some thoughts. I doubt that any large number of people will ever read this, but it still feels good to write.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Still alive

Well it's been five days since my last post. I kinda wondered if I had given up on blogging after a record 4 or 5 posts. The truth of the matter is that 24 season 3 has taken up most of my time ... that and the fact that my 160gb hard drive crashed on me. I wa pretty pissed about that. The good news was that I had a backup of a lot of the data - the bad news was that it was a couple of months old. All in all I got about %90 of the stuff back.

Like I said, that and 24. Raize and I are on the last disc now. We got it Tuesday and we watched the first 20 episodes .... things are interesting. I still find that it isn't as rivetting as the first 2 seasons, but it is still damn good. Now however, with 4 hours left, Raizee has developed pink eye (actually its in both of her eyes, so would that be pink eyes?) so 'we' can't watch it. I am debating on wether I should slap it into my laptop after while she is watching TV. Of course if she found out, she would be pretty pissed .... if she found out ..... MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Not so random ramblings

Oh what a day - nothing bad actually. I got a whack load of stuff done at work, mainly because nobody seeked my wisdom, and I got the third season of 24.

Ah - I still remember the first time I rented the first disc from the first season of 24. I was hooked like a heroin addict. It took us 2 nights to watch that first DVD and after I bought the first season. What a show ....

Then the second season came along - just as good if not slightly better. That show robbed me of a life for a week or so. Then when that was over, we had to wait for the 3rd season to be released. At first I had some withdrawl, which I filled with Ken Jennings and Jeopardy!, but that bubble was burst a few days ago. Then today the 3rd season came out. We went to Future Shop and picked it up. We have gotten through the first 3 episodes, but the g/f needs to watch her shows now. The fourth episode is for the 10 o'clock viewing.

My initial impressions are still ... well initial. Its still a damn good show and its probably some of the best progamming I have seen in awhile, but it seems different. I am not sure what it is yet. I think that things are almost going too quick and they are trying to get character development in as quickly as they can. Also, for the first time in the series, I was able to see a plot twist a good 20 or 30 minutes away. I wouldn't consider these flaws - I think it has more with the writers trying out new things.

I am still more addicted to the show than should be legal. Its a great show and I recommend it to everyone. For less than $70 I can't complain for about 19 hours of pure entertainment.

In another short note, I was just reading Dan Huard's blog. He is a guy who got laid off from the the former TechTV. The reason why I mention it is because he has a great post today about how he got into TechTV. Interesting ....

Monday, December 06, 2004

Hmmm - a 'Revelation' of sorts

Nothing really new for me to write about personally, but I was reading Penny Arcade and I did notice way at the bottom of the article there was a rant about Sophia Stewart. Now who is Sophia? Apparently she recently (October 2004) won a lawsuit against Time Warner (or a subsidiary - I can't recall) over the fact that many parts of The Matrix were stolen from her story which was copyrighted back in the 80's. As usual, Google has more.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Post 3 - still going

I think this might be the most that I have posted to any single web page ... Wow - it must be because I don't have any maintenance to perform on the server.

So I am finished my SQL Server class down at Ryerson. It got to be pretty gruelling at times. I mean I work all week (usually 9 hour work days) and then I have class all day Saturday and that leaves Sunday to rest. But of course we still have to do groceries, laundry, etc ... I did enjoy the class, but it did get rough.

What else is new ... not a whole lot. We watched a few minutes of the World Poker Tour this afternoon. Interesting stuff. I am the worse poker player that I know of. I am always the first out and I have to just sit there and watch every one else play. Its still fun though. Hopefully I will be able to brush up on it soon.

And Cuba is coming up. December 20 or 21st is the date set to go. I can't wait. I wasn't excited at first, but since I have seen some of these resorts, and the thought of being thousands of miles away from work is nice.

Well maybe someday someone will actually read this blog - and if not - hey its good to write a bit everyonce in awhile.